domingo, 28 de dezembro de 2014

One Day You Will Realize You're Not That Important

One day you will realize you're not that important, that probably you will end up alone in a hospital bed without even knowing if it's day or night. One day you will realize that the rain was wet and the sun was hot even before you were born. One day you will realize you're a little and insignificant particle in the whole universe. Even if people make you believe you are special and irreplaceable, remember you will die and everything will keep going almost the same. One day you will realize that you're nothing, you're not your victories and much less your mistakes. 

When that day comes, prepare yourself, because you will feel the courage to do everything you always wanted, even the stupid things that makes you smile when you are falling asleep. When that day comes the fear of dying will make you live, not survive, but live. When that day comes, be brave, dream, fly, and never look back. 

When that day comes you will finaly be able to choose: Do you want to be a particle or the whole universe?

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